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Individual and Couples Therapy

I work both with adult individuals and couples of all races, cultures, religious backgrounds and sexual orientation (LGBTQ+ friendly) in a safe and confidential space. 

About individual therapy

I am aware that for many it's a big step to seek the help and support of a therapist. Sometimes when faced with emotional conflicts, such as depression, relationship issues, anxiety or a stressful situation, making any decision can be difficult. Part of my commitment to creating a safe environment is to work with you at a manageable pace that you are in control of.

My starting point is always to establish a relationship with you which feels safe and supportive. Then together we can start looking at what's important to you. 

For more information about my approach please see FAQ or contact me with any questions of your own.

My fee for a 60-minute session is £70. (Some income-based concessions are available. Please get in touch with me for further information).


All relationships go through a natural flow of connection, disconnection, and repair.


For many couples, there is too much disconnection, too little connection, and not enough of the skills needed for repair.

- Terry Real

About couples therapy

Life together can bring many joys and opportunities for positive growth, yet it is often accompanied by difficulties and challenges. I believe almost every couple can benefit from therapy through the many phases and stages of a relationship.


Couples therapy is a way to identify challenges and destructive patterns in the relationship so that each partner can hold him/herself accountable for their part in it and make the necessary repair(s).


Common issues dealt with in couples work:

  • Negative communication/arguing cycles

  • Forgiveness and repair

  • Co-creating a relationship vision

  • Developing healthy communication skills

  • Learning how to negotiate and make win-win decisions

  • Life stage stressors (e.g. parenting, retirement, loss and lifestyle)

  • Emotional and sexual intimacy

  • Finances

  • Spirituality

My fee for couples is £150 for a 90-minute session or £100 for a 60-minute session, either weekly or fortnightly, depending on need.

Dolma helped me through a very difficult phase of my life. I dealt with a lot of loss in my life and it affected my health and happiness...Dolma gently but in a very constructive way helped me work through it. I now feel I am back to being myself again.

- Chloe A

Dolma helped me remove my mask, helped me to heal and build confidence again. She offered me the right tools to cope so that I can take on any new challenge I might face.

- Josh W

Dolma has a magical way of gently helping you to recognise a pattern that can seem so obvious at times, but one you've lost awareness of or chosen not to see. This has been so hugely helpful and it feels like I am slowly reclaiming myself as I gain understanding of where they come from and why, and then have the choice to engage in a different way, a way that's true to me now.

- Julia C

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